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I am currently a senior at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and will be graduating in December of 2018. I am working on my BFA's in Communication Design and Studio Arts, Concentrating in Graphic Design, Interactive Design, and Time Based/ Experimental Media.

I am currently working part-time for The Connections Orientation Program as the Family Program Coordinator at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania where I am working as a leader to help ensure that the Orientation Program functions to the best of its ability. By working with the other staff members, I used problem-solving and communication skills to help provide knowledge and customer service to the incoming freshmen and their families.

Through-out my college career, I have held multiple design jobs on campus. I have work with the Office of Public Relations where I used my technical skills in Photoshop and Illustrator to design printed materials for the new branding guidelines at the university. I did design work and web design/management work for the Connections Orientation Program, creating a class shirt, invitations, and thank you letters for the incoming freshmen. I managed and updated the Connections webpage on Kutztown University's main website. I also freelanced design for the Health and Wellness Center at the university making brochures and posters that they use to promote the services that are offered.

I am passionate about learning and expanding my repertoire of design skills. I am not afraid of failure and trying things that people wouldn't think of and using that experience to further push my designs. I love combining different mediums of art to see what I can create and achieve.

I am currently looking for graphic/ad design, web design, and graphic motion positions Tristate area but am willing to relocate. Feel free to contact me at samuelgborden@gmail.com.

If you would like to see more of my recent work check out my Portfolio

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